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  1. Communication with Consultants
    We consistently communicate with our consultants, in good and bad times, to keep them informed and prepared for when activity improves.
  2. Constant Contact with Clients
    We call and email our clients on a regular basis to ensure we are prepared for upcoming work.
  3. Pursuing All Leads for Work
    We are contacting new clients on a regular basis and we are adding new MSA's to our database, to ensure we are best positioned for the recovery.
  4. Innovating and Building New Relationships
    We are continuing to innovate around our business. We have improved our social media presence and are building relationships with clients that are outside our typical client base.
  5. Expanding Our Team of World-Class Professionals
    We continue to build our network of world-class consulting professionals through our web-based application database.


At Stokes & Spiehler, we are constantly looking to grow our team. Our network of consulting professionals is core to our business and we want to ensure we have the right people for the recovery. Even if you have never been a part of our team, we would love to have you. Please click one of the job titles below and fill out the application.

Click a job title below to fill out our application

Our opportunities include onshore, offshore, and deepwater operations in domestic and international locations.  We are open to meeting with qualified personnel who can fulfill the requirements of our extensive client-base throughout the world in the following disciplines:

  • Drilling

  • Workover

  • Completion

  • Thru Tubing Intervention

  • Plug & Abandonment

  • Construction & Inspection

  • Commissioning & Decommissioning

  • HSE & Regulatory Compliance 

Please click the "Contact Us" button below and Mark Johnson, our Operations Manager, will discuss your future with us.

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Stokes & Spiehler has a sales staff that calls on operators, service companies, and financial institutions to help find the best job for you!

We Offer:

  • 1099 & W-2 Field Personnel
  • Flexible Day-rates
  • Bimonthly Pay Periods


We are committed to growing our network of consulting professionals. We ask that you share this page so we can continue to grow our business.


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